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The Best Massage center in Dubai Deira, Golden Moon Spa

Golden moon spa in UAE is one of the best and oldest spa & wellness providers in Dubai city. Our female and male massagers are experts in examining and the consultancy prior to choosing a massage service type for yourself. On spot consultancy and advance, pre-book services are available foreseeing any injury, treatment or any other physical effect you had previously. Our staff consists of qualified male & female masseurs, Filipino, Indian, polish and Russian therapists as well.

Comfortable Spa & Massage therapy in Dubai! Pick one!

Golden Moon spa is a rising and legendary wellness destination in Dubai serving as a full spa experience. Our unisex massage experts follow a hygiene and a healthy attitude gained by the experience from traditional roots. We exceedingly aim to provide reflexology facilities that take you to a long journey in a state of trance to heal and recover from concealed physical disputes.

Golden Moon Spa has different massage deals in Bur Dubai from the services menu. You can also opt for Deira massage deals if that comes closer to you. We welcome our clients for Dubai, Bur Dubai Massage Deals for your convenience.

  • Foot Press Massage for entire body
  • Magical Fingers thumbs massage
  • Old-fashioned Thai Massage
  • Customized Chinese Massage
  • Deep relaxing Tissue Massage
  • Head reflexology ENT system
  • Swedish massage
  • Philipino Massage
  • Indian Massage
  • Moroccan Bath

Golden Moon is your local best spa in Bur Dubai offering Moroccan bath in Deira & Bur Dubai, including the body to body massage in Dubai to fully cover all your necessities. Our staff includes screened and specially selected masseurs who know how to do the job right for extreme satisfaction and healing. We offer easily affordable massage deals Dubai full service. Golden Moon massage center for males ensures full relief for all physical tiredness. Having world’s best therapist’s expertise help with the assortment of aromas, traditional training, and charming atmosphere. Our Spa was a dream to create a world-class massage center to lead, explain, and examine consultations concerning the tempers of our guests. Golden Spa management commenced training visits to many institutes, places to recognize sensibility and serve luxury massage in Dubai UAE.

Traditional Thai massage

Golden moon spa has the most liked Sabai Thai massage from blazing experts Thai girl masseur in Bur Dubai. Thai massage also known as Thai Yoga is an early restorative system including Indian Ayurvedic doctrines, acupressure and aided yoga positions. Thai acupressure service doesn’t include oil and any form of an ointment. This option also uses body interaction from therapists using the technique of slightly pulling, stretching using various positions.

Traditional Chinese Massage

Our Chinese massage service is absolute professional service in Bur Dubai & Dubai which covers rapid curing of injuries, contusions. Chinese massage package helps stimulate the flow of your blood circulation along nervous coordination resulting in a quick release from emotional agony.

Korean Massage

Korean massage is a very powerful massage as it includes some of the techniques of Asian kneading that uses the method of using fingertips, thumbs, and elbow for slight increasing pressure to release tissue and muscle pains. It also includes some motions of the Japanese massage to produce positive energy which starts flowing into the whole body fluently nurturing full body from head to toe.

Dubai Full Body Massage Coupons

Golden Moon Spa offers,

  • 1 Hour or 90 minutes spa pampering, promo package at Golden Moon Spa on Two location, get discount up to 50% off. Revisits discounts points available on Spa & massage deals.
  • 1 hour Spa treatment and facial, special shoulder relaxing session at Arabian Courtyard Hotel, 40 % off.
  • Complete Full Body pampering spa treatment, with Facemask and Hair conditioning at York International Hotel, up to 50% off.
  • Moroccan bath, and back body Scrub, alternatively a face facial with herbal ointment treatment at Golden Spa Arabian Courtyard Hotel OR York International Hotel.
  • Moroccan Bath, Swedish massage, with Head luxury head treatment and manicure pedicure and alternatively 60 minutes full Spa treatment at above mentioned locations.
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York International Hotel, Near Al Fahidi Metro Station, Bur Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates